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Bird Care

For your flying friends, shop the MEDNET Pet Store. Inside the pet store you will find everything you need to care for your bird. We have products to care for all types of birds from parrots to exotic and rare birds. We also have a large selection of birdseeds for indoor birds as well as outdoor birds. Shop bird care products ranging from bird cages, bird food, bird toys and even bird grooming products at MEDNET wholesale prices.

Baby Formula & Related

In addition to bird seeds and specialty bird food, many young birds feast on baby formula while they are still growing. Using baby formula to feed bids is also an ideal solution for people who breed birds and for young birds that are taken away from their mother too soon. Baby formula also offers birds an easier way of ingesting food while they are young and cannot fully chew seeds and other food properly. For all your baby formula and bird food needs, look no further than the MEDNET Pet Store.

Bird Baths

Whether or not you own indoor birds, or just enjoy bird watching from your backyard, a bird bath is always a great investment. Backyard bird baths attract a wide variety of bird species for you to observe directly in your back yard. Additionally, bird baths make a great decorative addition to any backyard or outdoor environment. Bird baths from the MEDNET Pet Store are both functional and decorative, made from premium materials designed to withstand outdoor elements and normal wear. Our bird baths are sure to provide enjoyment for your family for years to come.

Bird Beak Conditioners

If you are a first time bird owner, someone has probably informed you that you will need to properly care for your bird's beak. This part of the bird's body is very important to keep healthy so birds can properly eat and clean themselves. Using a bird beak conditioner regularly is the perfect way to care for your bird's beak. Just as you use lotion to moisturize your skin, it is important to use bird beak conditioner to take care of your bird's beak.

Bird Biscuits

Dogs and cats aren't the only pets that enjoy treats; birds enjoy being rewarded as well with our variety of specialty bird biscuits. Bird biscuits are great ways to show your feathered friend how much you love them, to reward while training, or to help lure them back to their cage if they are flying astray. Our bird biscuits are a mouthwatering and delicious treat for any household bird.

Bird Books - Generic

If you are considering getting a bird as a pet, or a just interested in learning more about these fascinating creatures, select a bird book from the MEDNET Pet Store. Our bird books are filled with factual information regarding bird habits, bird health, bird behavior and more. You will find helpful information on how to train your bird, how to properly care for your bird, and how to choose the best bird species for your household.

Bird Books by Species

The MEDNET Pet Store offers a full collection of helpful bird books to help bird owners, potential bird owners, and just animal lovers in general explore these beautiful creatures. In this section of our Pet Store you can shop bird books by species, offering a more personalized and custom book that will contain the information you are seeking about a particular type of bird. Our bird books also make for great coffee table books, so your guests can learn a little about birds while they visit.

Bird Boxes & Carriers

One of the most important items to purchase as you welcome your bird into your home is a bird box or bird carrier. Bird carriers are essential for any bird owner to have, as your bird can easily fly away without one. Domestic birds who fly away will have a hard time surviving in the world without the proper care and training, so it's essential to keep your bird safe and sound at home. A bird carrier is also great because your bird will be kept in a secure place when visitors who may not like birds arrive. Using a bird carrier will make the visit a pleasurable one for your visitors and your pet bird.

Bird Breeding Supplies

With bird becoming such a popular pet these days, especially specific breeds of birds, it's natural that some want to get into the business of breeding birds. Breeding birds is a very specialized task, and should only be performed by specialists, to ensure all birds are safe, healthy and happy. If you do breed birds, at the MEDNET pet store you will find all the specialty bird breeding products you need to breed almost any bird breed at wholesale prices, to help keep your business costs low.

Bird Cage Bedding

Any animal kept in a cage needs to have their bedding changed every so often to promote a clean and healthy living environment. At the MEDNET Pet Store you'll find many top quality name brand varieties of bird cage bedding to suit your particular bird or birds. It's essential to also clean the cage as you change the bird bedding to ensure any small unwanted particles and bacteria have been cleared away from your bird's home.

Bird Cage Cover Sets

Bird cage cover sets are great training aids for birds. Placing a cover over the bird cage can help teach your bird when it is time to be quiet and go to sleep. Using bird cage cover sets are also great for company if your bird gets agitated with different people around, and to prevent too many people from approaching the bird and scaring it. Similarly, some guests don't want to see your bird, so using a bird cage cover will help keep your bird and your guest comfortable at the same time.

Bird Cage Covers

Bird Cage Covers are also sold individually instead of in sets for those with only one cage. Our Bird cage covers are designed to perfectly cover any bird cage. MEDNET Stocks a variety of bird cage covers in various sizes and shapes to accommodate the dimensions of any bird cage. Bird cage covers also come in many colors so you can choose the cover that will best suit the decor of the room in which your bird cage is kept. Bird cage covers are great for bird training and safety when visitors are present.

Bird Cage Kits

Bird Cage Kits include a variety of play toys for birds that go inside the cage. These bird cage toy kits are designed to attach easily to bird cages allowing birds to perch and play inside their cage while you are away. Our bird cage kits come in various colors to match your bird cage or you can simply choose your bird's favorite color. These kits include swinging bars and other object that are popular bird cage accessories.

Bird Cages-Keet/Canary/Finch

If you have a Parakeet, Canary, or Finch, you'll want to have the proper bird cage. Bird cages come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you'll want to make sure that you have a bird cage suitable to the growth and development of your bird. Having too large or small a bird cage can impair a bird's well being. These bird cages are designed especially for the Parakeet, Canary and Finch bird species. Each of these beautiful bird cages promote a healthy living environment for these types of birds.

Bird Commodities - Bulk

Bird Commodities include a variety of bird foods the are available in bulk sizes from the MEDNET Pet Store. We offer name brand bird commodities including Millet White Proso, Safflower Seed, Oat Groats, Peanuts and other snacks that many breeds of birds enjoy. With our bird commodities your birds can get many snacks for being good with our bulk sizes packaging. Plus bird owners will enjoy savings on these popular bird care products.

Bird Cups - Ceramic

For proper bird feeding you will need a bird cup. Ceramic bird cups often provide a more decorative edition to a bird cage then traditional stainless steel and plastic bird food cups. Hooded and non hooded ceramic bird cups are available at the MEDNET Pet Store.

Bird Cups - Metal

For the most traditional way to feed and water your feathered friend, choose metal bird cubs from the MEDNET Pet Store. These stainless steel metal bird cups are available in a variety of sizes to properly fit inside and attach to your bird cage. Metal Bird cups are easy to fill, clean and empty to ensure your bird cage is clean and dry. Metal bird cups are lighter weight than more ceramic bird cups are are just as durable. Buy your bird cups now at MEDNET and take advantage of wholesale pricing.

Bird Cups - Plastic

The most cost effective bird cups on the market are plastic bird cups. Plastic bird cups are ideal for young children to care for birds because they wont drop and break like ceramic bird cups. These lightweight, yet durable bird cups easily fit inside many bird cages and come in different sides to accommodate bird cage sizes. Plastic bird cups are also available in different colors to distinguish different bird food, or just to brighten a bird's environment. For all your bird care needs, including bird cups, shop the MEDNET Pet Store.

Bird Gravel

If you are a first time bird owner, it's important to mix small amounts of bird gravel with your birds food because birds do not have teeth to properly digest their food. It's important to use specialized bird gravel such as the brand name bird gravel that we have in the MEDNET Pet Store. Our bird gravel is made specially to mix with bird food, unlike outdoor gravel, and offers specific amounts to mix with your bird food depending on the particular breed of bird you have.

Bird Grooming Aids

Birds are very difficult creatures to groom, so it is necessary to have the proper grooming tools if you choose to groom your bird yourself. The MEDNET Pet Store offers a wide variety of professional gird grooming products, tools and aids for an array of bird breeds. Choose proper bird beak care products, brushes, nail trimmers and more to properly maintain your bird's soft feathers.

Bird Honey Sticks

Bird Honey Sticks are a treat that every bird is sure to love. Honey sticks are great to keep in the cage for your bird to pick at, and are even better if multiple birds are in the cage. Since birds don't have teeth it is much easier for them to eat honey and other sweet treats. No matter what type of bird or bird cage you have, a honey stick would be a welcome edition to your bird's home. For the best selection of Bird Care products including Bird Honey Sticks, shop the MEDNET Pet Store.

Bird Ladders - Wood

Bird ladders are essential for any bird environment. Wood bird ladders are especially ideal for many bird species because the wood provides a solid gripping surface for the birds feet. Our collection of wooden bird ladders are also contain many movable beads and playthings for birds to enjoy. Birds will find hours of enjoyment with our wooden bird ladders. Bird ladders are available in different sizes to fit many sizes of bird cages.

Bird Maintenance Equipment

Bird maintenance equipment is essential for any bird owner. Our collection of bird maintenance equipment includes a variety of products you need to properly care for your bird cage and environment. Our name brad selection includes bird cage cleaner, perch cleaner, bird lamps, cage scrub, bird nets, and bird odor removers. To properly care for your bird's cage, shop the MEDNET Pet Store for wholesale prices on all your necessary bird maintenance products.

Bird Medications

When your bird is ill or injured it's important to get them well as soon as possible. For serious bird injuries or illnesses you will need to consult a vet, but minor injuries and illnesses can be treated with our selection of bird medication. We have everything for minor bird problems including bird allergy medication, bird aspirin, bird vitamins and medications to treat other bird problems. For all your bird's health care needs, choose bird medication from the MEDNET Pet Store.

Bird Mineral Treats

Bird mineral treats are the perfect way to reward good bird behavior. Mineral bird treats are better for birds than traditional bird treats because they contain minerals essential for a bird's health. These bird mineral treats are great for all bird species and birds will love the taste. Reward your bird and improve their health with healthy bird mineral treats from MEDNET Direct's Pet Store.

Bird Pellets - Bagged

Bird pellets are the best type of bird food for any bird species because they are easy for birds to eat and digest. We have bagged bird pellets for a wide variety of birds including finches, canaries, parakeets, cockatiels, macaws and cockapoos. Bird pellets are nutritious and provide all the daily diet requirements your bird needs. For all your bird pellet needs, look no further than the MEDNET Pet Store for wholesale prices on all bird pellets.

Bird Pellets - Bulk

If you have multiple birds or just like to have enough food on hand for a long time, purchase your bird pellets in bulk from the MEDNET Pet Store. The bulk sizes of our bird pellets are ideal for hungry birds, or if your household has a number of birds. We have nutritious bird pellets for all types of pet birds including finches, canaries, parakeets, cockatiels, macaws and cockapoos. Feed your bird the best type of bird food, easy to digest and chew bird pellets.

Bird Perches - Bolt On Type

Bird Perches are essential to any healthy bird cage environment. Many bird cages have multiple bird perches for birds to perch and play on. Birds love to swing and perch on their bird perches. Bolt on bird perches from MEDNET Direct can be attached to the bird cage, making them more stationary. Other bird perch types are also available. Out bolt on bird perches come in different lengths and styles to properly fit inside your particular bird cage.

Bird Perches - Loose

Our collection of loose bird perches include bird perches that easily snap on to a wire bird cage and can be moved based on your bird's preferences. Our loose bird perches are ideal for parakeets or other smaller birds and come in different sizes based on breed size and cage size. Most loose bird perches are made of wood or bamboo to provide birds with a proper grip. For all your loose bird perch needs, look no further than the MEDNET Direct Pet Store for wholesale prices on all bird care products.

Bird Perches - Packaged

Our collection of brand name packaged bird perches are ideal for playful birds. These bird perches are available in many shapes and sizes to fit different bird cages and encourage playing by your bird. Perfect for large or small bird species, these bird perches make a great addition to any bird environment. Choose from swinging perches, twisty shaped perches and other types of perches for your bird. For all your bird perch needs, look no further than MEDNET's Pet Store.

Bird Playpens

Bird playpens are great additions to bird environments for especially active birds. These bird playpens feature a number of playful contraptions for birds to play in. Bird playpens can be used inside or outside a bird cage and can be great for multiple birds to play together. Many bird playpens feature perches, bird slides, bird ladders and other popular bird activities. Give your bird a fun environment with a bird playpen from the MEDNET Pet Store.

Bird Seed - Bagged

Every bird needs to eat, which is why we sell bird seed in large bags. You can select your bird food for both indoor and outdoor types of birds. Bird seed is a great way to provide nutrition to your indoor bird, or summer backyard visitors. Bird seed easily fits inside bird feeders and birds can easily pull it from feeder holes. Bird seed is available by breed, providing the proper nutrition for each different type of bird.

Bird Seed - Bulk

If you have several feathered friends, or a large backyard, you'll want to buy bird seed in bulk. Buying bird seed in bulk at MEDNET's wholesale prices will save you lots of money on your bird seed. We have bird seed available in bulk for both indoor and outdoor bird species, so we are sure to have the bird seed you need. It's important to choose the correct bird food for your bird in order to ensure proper nutrition and digestion. By choosing the bird seed by species, you can control which birds you attract to your backyard.

Bird Swings

If you are bird owner, you know how important is is to fill your bird's cage with playthings to keep birds entertained. Bird swings are a popular type of bird toy, and one any bird is sure to love. Birds can perch and swing with ease from our collection of fun bird swings. These bird swings easily attach to your cage, and can be removed easily for cleaning. Bird swings are available in many sizes depending on the species of bird and bird cage size you have.

Bird Toys - Edible

Nothing is more fun to a bird than a bird toy, especially an edible bird toy from MEDNET Direct. Your bird will instantly gravitate and play with their fun new bird toy, while getting a special treat in the process. Edible bird toys include fun bird honey sticks, cookie rings and even healthy treats such as walnut strings. These edible bird toys can easily be hung in bird cages so your bird can play and eat whenever they choose.

Bird Toys - Mirrors & Bells

Birds love additional bird toys, especially fun toys such as bird mirror toys and bird toys with bells. The bird toys with mirrors can keep birds entertained for hours as they try and figure out who the bird in the mirror is. Bird Toys with bells are also fun because bird love the noise they make. Bird toys with bells are great toys for your bird to play with when you are away, so you won't be irritated with the sound. Make sure you allow your bird to play with both types of bird toys, so you know which toys they prefer.

Bird Toys - Plastic & Acrylic

Plastic and acrylic bird toys are a popular type of bird toy because of the many options available. Plastic and acrylic can be made into almost anything, making many toy shapes available. Plastic and acrylic bird toys include toys with beads, plastic squares, blocks, spools and other fun shapes to keep birds entertained. Birds can swing or perch on plastic and acrylic bird toys, making their cages more fun.

Bird Toys - Rope & Feather

Rope and feather bird toys are also popular among many bird species. With rope and feather toys, birds can chew and keep their beaks clean and shiny. Rope toys are sturdy, and great for multiple birds to play with. Rope and feather bird toys easily snap in and out of bird cages, making it easy to replace, clean and move toys around the cage as needed. With MEDNET"s wholesale prices on bird rope and feather toys, you can never go wrong.

Bird Toys - Rubber

If you are looking for a bird toy that does not contain plastic or rope, look no further than rubber bird toys. Rubber bird toys are great for birds who like to chew and the rubber will withstand pointy beaks and teeth. Rubber bird toys are available in a variety of swings, perches and other toys to keep birds playing for hours on end. Like other bird toys, rubber bird toys quickly add easily into your bird cage, and removal is easy too.

Bird Toys - Wood

Wood bird toys offer birds a fun way to expel energy and keep feet clean. Wooden bird toys are not only fun for many bird species to play with, but the natural wood from trees is appealing to birds, and the wood can help keep feet and beaks sharp. Birds can easily dig their claws it to wooden toys, making it easier to perch and swing from them. No matter what type of bird you have, you'll need some great wooden bird toys for their cage.

Bird Training Aids

All animals can be difficult to train, but doing so will ensure a long and happy life for both you and your bird. MEDNET Direct offers a plethora of bird training aids to help train your bird to perform selected tasks. With bird training aids, you can potty train your bird, and teach you birds many tricks, even teach them to come and go from their cage. Training your bird immediately will keep he or she from flying away, and chirping all night long.

Bird Vitamins & Supplements

Bird Vitamins and Supplements are the perfect way to keep any bird healthy. At the MEDNET Pet Store you will find a large assortment of bird vitamins and supplements to care for every breed of domestic bird. Both bird vitamins and bird nutritional supplements will help improve your bird's overall health by providing nutrients that birds need, that they may not get enough of on a daily basis. Bird vitamins and supplements are also great to provide extra nutrients when your bird is ill, to help he or she recover faster.

Bird Cage Skirts & Seed Guards

Both Bird Cage Skirts and Bird Seed Guards are great for any bird environment. Bird Cage Skirts are perfect for covering your birds cage at nighttime, or when company comes over. Bird Seed Guards are essential for any bird owner. Placing a bird see guard near your birds food will prevent bird seed from spilling in the bottom of the bird cage, or slip through the cage and onto your floor. Bird seed guards will help keep your birds cage and surrounding area clean.

Bird Cage Stands - Floor Type

There are several types of bird cages on the market today, from hanging cages, tabletop cages and of course floor cages. No matter which type of bird cage you have, using a bird cage stand can add style to your environment as well as your bird's. Bird cage stands offer an elegant place to place your bird's cage. Cage stands can be placed in many rooms, in corners, and be moved from room to room. Cage stands allow your bird a better view on the world giving them a higher perch.

Bird Cuttlebones & Holders

Cuttlebones are a favorite type of bird treats. If you give your bird cuttlebones and other treats, it's helpful to use a holder for these treats. A bird treat holder will allow your pet to snack with ease, preventing the treat from falling to the cage bedding or on the floor. Holders can be removed and refilled with ease.

Bird Gravel Paper

It is important to keep the bedding on your bird cage clean. There are many types of bird cage bedding on the market, but gravel paper is one of the easiest to change. Since gravel paper comes in sheets rather than bags, it can be easily placed on the bottom of your bird's cage and removed for changing. You'll no longer have to sweep up the bedding and vacuum your surrounding floors, but simply change the paper. Shop Bird Gravel Paper and other bird cage bedding at MEDNET's new pet store.

Bird Gravity Feeder & Waterer

Every bird is sure to appreciate the gravity bird feeder and waterer. These unique bird feeders are great for all bird species. The Gravity Feeders and Waterers let nature take its course, letting food and water run to the lowest point where birds can heartily eat and drink. The gravity feeders and waterers are mess free, so you won't have to clean up spills. Just simply refill the bird feeders and waterers as needed.

Bird Large Hookbill Treats

Large Hookbill treats are specially formulated for larger sized birds. These treats offer a delicious combination of crunchy seeds and exotic fruits inside into a chewy rawhide roll. Its mouthwatering exterior roll surrounds a blend of seeds. All large species or birds, or birds with larger beaks that can breakthrough the rawhide will love these delicious stick treats that provide additional source of nutrition.

Bird Millet Spray

For the best selection of bird millet spray, shop the MEDNET Pet Store. We offer handpicked foxtail millet treats that are prefect for parakeets, finches and canaries. Millet Spray is a great, natural treat for birds, both indoor and outdoor. Millet Spray is available in bulk and individual packages, in sizes from small to jumbo depending on your bird's size and appetite.

Bird Small Hookbill Treats

Similar to our large hookbill treats, the small hookbill treats offer the same delicious source of nutrition for small birds. These special bird treats contain crunchy bird seed and fruit nectar wrapped in a chewy rawhide. MEDNET's collection of small hookbill treats also contains individual treats, millet sprays and more mouthwatering snacks for your bird. Use small hookbill treats as a reward or just because.

Wild Bird Supplies

In addition to indoor bird supplies, MEDNET Direct also offers a great selection of wild bird supplies. Whether you breed outdoor birds, or just like to attract feathered friends to your backyard, we have the supplies you need. You'll find wild bird seed to fill bird feeders and canned bird worms to attract birds to your garden. We also have bird bath supplies to keep bird baths clean, including bird bath de-icer for those in cold climates.

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