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Benefits Of Wheelchairs

When someone first becomes limited to, or has to use a wheelchair for mobility, it is important to remind them off all the benefits using a wheelchair will bring to their life.

Greater Mobility.

First and foremost, people with physical ailments and disabilities need to remain as independent as possible. Wheelchairs, whether the standard wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs are used, offer patients the most mobility to remain independent as much as possible. Many vehicles are now equipped for handling and transporting wheelchairs, so patients in wheelchairs can easily drive themselves or get in and out of caregivers' vehicles and get where they need to go. Most public places have wheelchair accessible doors, elevators and restrooms, so people can go shopping, to the movies and out to eat as they did when they could walk. By using a wheelchair people can also navigate their homes and remain in their home as long as possible, instead of going to an assisted living complex or nursing facility.

Greater Comfort.

Some patients only need to use wheelchairs occasionally, and can walk with walkers or normally for certain periods of time. Having a wheelchair on hand for those with limited mobility issues can be helpful, and can help people transport themselves when they are tired, or not strong enough to use a walker on a given day. Some people are just incapable of walking long distances, and having a wheelchair nearby can help them carry on these activities, such as visiting tourist areas, shopping at large malls, or just going to crowded areas where they may not feel comfortable walking.

Greater Independence.

As mentioned earlier, having the ability to get around with a wheelchair allows patients to have a greater sense of independence by not having to rely on caregivers to help them move from room to room or place to place. This sense of self-reliance helps create a sense of independence. Many patients can suffer depression or lose their self-esteem when they become dependent on others to provide their most basic of needs. Also those who are unable to move a regular wheelchair alone can get a electric wheelchair, allowing them to remain more independent and at least do some daily living tasks themselves.

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