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Dukal offers a full range of bandages from elastic to gauze, to adhesive to conforming to better fit a wide range of market needs. Each Bandage is made to the high standards of DUKAL Quality and will meet and exceed expectations.


Be prepared for an array of emergencies by having all the proper bandages on hand. MedNet offers triangular, cohesive, and elastic bandages to accommodate a variety of injuries. We also carry adhesive strips, gauze and fluff bandage roll. Trust MedNet to meet all of your bandage needs.

Adhesive Strips

Adhesive Strip medical bandages are great for minor everyday injuries. These adhesive strip bandages come in a variety of sizes to fully cover all sized wounds. Dukal Adhesive bandages are made from a latex-free plastic to reduce the risk of an allergic skin reaction. Keep your wounds protected with easy to use, latex-free adhesive bandages.

Cohesive Bandages

Cohesive Bandages are great for everyday use, and can be either hand torn or cut with scissors. Use these woven fabric, self-adhesive bandage to support your aching limbs and prevent further injuries. These cohesive bandages come in a variety of sizes and even colors for a variety of everyday applications.

Conforming Stretch Gauze

Conforming Stretch Gauze is the perfect bandage to use for an injury that occurs in a odd place. This gauze bandage will easily stretch and conform to your body to keep your wound fully protected from further injury and the spread of bacteria. This gauze is made from rayon and polyester to for a comfortable fit and maximum breath ability.

Elastic Bandages

Elastic Bandages, are similar to ACE bandages and are ideal for injuries requiring compression. Each elastic bandage is individually wrapped to promote cleanliness and are come with 2 metal clips to easily secure in place. These elastic bandages are available in latex and latex-free options for those at a risk for a skin allergy or irritation.

Fluff Bandage Roll

Fluff Bandage Rolls are highly absorbent bandages and are ideal for wounds that have drainage. These Fluff bandages are made from washed cotton that provides maximum absorbency, and stretches to fit in place. Keep your wounds clean and dry with fluff bandages.

Rolled Gauze

Rolled Gauze is an essential wound care bandage to keep on hand at medical facilities and even at home to properly care for injuries. Rolled Gauze is made of 2 ply woven gauze and can be used alone or to hold other dressings in place. Med Net's rolled gauze is available in sterile and non-sterile packaging for your convenience.

Triangular Bandages

Triangular Bandages are made from natural cotton and are ideal to use as an arm sling. The natural cotton allows for maximum breathability unlike vinyl slings. Triangular bandages easily stretch to fit around your wound. Med Net Direct's Triangular Bandages come with 2 safety pins to easily secure the sling in place.

Packing Strips

Packing Strips are ideal bandages to use for deep or irregular shaped wounds. Packing strips are sterile and easily mold to fit the dimensions of each individual wound. Packing Strips can be secured in place with rolled gauze or secured with medical tape when necessary.

Unna Boot Bandages

Unna Boot Bandages are ideal medical supplies to treat hard to heel leg and foot injuries. Boot Bandages are also used for the treatment of leg ulcers, thrombophlebitis, lymphatic edema, and other leg and ankle sprains, strains and dislocations. Keep your joints in proper alignment while they heal with Unna Boot Bandages.

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