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MedSafe Frequently Asked Questions
Q Can the MedSafe simply be unplugged to be bypassed? A No, the unit runs on 4AA batteries & even with the batteries removed or out of power it will remain locked. Q What happens to the fingerprints that are stored in the MedSafe when the batteries die? A The MedSafe retains all fingerprints in the event of total power loss. Once the power is restored by inserting new batteries the unit will function as it did before the power loss. Q How long do the batteries last? A The unit is powered by batteries which should last approximately 1 year before they need to be replaced. Q I'm on a number of medications, how many prescriptions can it hold? A The MedSafe can store 8-12 standard prescription pill bottles. Q Are different sizes available? A A larger size will available soon. Q Do I have to mount this to a wall? A No, you can place it in a drawer, closet or any safe place and if desired secure it with the included security cable. It can also be mounted to a wall with the optional wall mount bracket, or easily transported with the optional carry handle. Q What are the keys used for? A The Keys are available to be used as a backup method to open the safe if needed. Q Is the Medsafe fire proof? A No, the MedSafe is not fire proof or fire resistant. The MedSafe has been specifically designed for secure access control and convenience. Q If I cut my finger, does the fingerprint heal the same as before and will it open my safe? A Usually yes, although if the cut is significant or requires stitches, scar tissue may form as a result causing a change in your fingerprint. That is why we recommend enrolling additional user fingerprints and also fingerprints from your other hand. Q Will the MedSafe scan my finger correctly when my finger/fingerprint is puffy after a shower/swimming? A The MedSafe has been designed to be very sensitive when authenticating and matching fingerprints. The unit will open when your fingerprint has increased moisture from after an average shower or swim and will open. There may be times when extreme water retention due to extended time in the water will cause certain aspects of your fingerprints to change for a short time and access to your MedSafe may be denied until your fingerprint returns to its ordinary normal condition the same as when you originally enrolled that print. Q Can someone cutoff my finger and try to use it to open the MedSafe? A No, MedSafe uses technology that detects live fingers for scanning, so in the extremely unlikely event that a detached finger is used to attempt access the unit will not open. Q Can I travel with the MedSafe through US Customs or TSA Security at the airport? A Yes, there are no restrictions on carrying this type of item. Please be aware that you may be asked to open the MedSafe rather than passing it through x-ray and that we recommend that an enrolled user be present during transporting this item in case such as request is made by a government authority. Q What is the warranty for the MedSafe? A Your MedSafe is protected by a 90 day manufacturers limited warranty.
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