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The DUKAL Wound Care Products were developed for patients with the most delicate of skin in mind. The healing process will be protected as well as enhanced with the use of these Dukal Quality products.

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Advanced Wound Care

MedNet has all your advanced wound care needs covered. Choose from Sterile Wound Closure Strips or multiple kits from Tracheotomy to wound care and wound closure. We carry three different types of dressings: Caliber, Hydrasorb and Transparent. Be prepared for any medical emergency and purchase advanced wound care kits.

Tracheostomy Kit

Proper Trach care is very important to a patient's quick recovery. Keeping Tracheotomies clean helps the growth of bacteria. Our Tracheostomy kits include everything you need to take good care of Trachs in this one-time use package. Trach care kits are sterile and are easy to use and store.

Take Home Wound Care Kit

Take Home Wound Care Kits are essential in home wound care. Allow your patients to return to the comforts of their own home by keeping Take Home Wound Care Kits on hand. These wound care kits are ideal for patients to care for their incisions, cuts, and scrapes at home with ease. These kits can even be personalized with directions to care for each individual's wound.

Caliberô Island Dressings

Caliber Non-Woven Dressings are the perfect combination of patient comfort and protection. Properly dressing and caring for wounds has an impact on how well they heal. Keep patient wound's properly protected from other germs and promote fast healing by using Caliber Non-Woven Dressings. Caliber Non-Woven Dressings are available in 6 sterile sizes to meet every patient's wound care needs.

Suture Removal Kit

It is a skill to properly remove sutures. With this Suture removal kit, get everything you need to properly remove a patient's stitches with ease while keeping your patient comfortable. These suture removal kits are sterile, and disposable for easy and safe use.

Hydrasorb* Foam Dressings

Choose Hydrasorb Foam Dressing to provide your patients with the maximum wound care comfort. This foam material is super absorbent to collect any drainage, and easy to change. The soft foam material also feels soft against wounded skin. Keep your patient's wounds clean and dry with Hydrasorb sterile foam dressings.

Wound Closure Strips

If stitches or sutures are a bit unnecessary, choose alternative wound closure strips. These wound closure strips are thin non-woven fibers that help keep wounds covered and closed. Would closure strips are adhesive for easy use, and the non-woven fibers allow maximum breathability to promote quick healing.

Transparent Semi-Permeable Dressings

Transparent Semi-Permeable Dressings are excellent for the care of minor burns and wounds. These dressings keep the wounded area clean, sterile and provide comfort to the patient. Dressings are adhesive backed for easy use, and breathable to allow prompt healing.

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