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1. Dog Toys

When you bring home a new puppy it's important to have lots of toys for your puppy to play with. Playing with your dog will help he or she to grow to be a strong, healthy dog. Having many different toys initially is important, because you never know what types of toys your dog will like. Once you know what types of toys your dog plays with more, you'll be able to surprise he or she with new dog toys every once and a while. Using dog toys will also keep your pet from chewing on objects he or she should not, such as shoes and furniture. Dog Toys often become a security blanket for your dog and keeping a favorite toy with them when you are at work or school will help them adjust to your schedule.

2. Dog Treats

Every dog loves dog treats. With so many varieties of dog treats, there are many choices to satisfy the tastes of your pet. Dog treats are great training aids, allowing your pet to be rewarded when he or she does something well. We're sure your dog will quickly become accustomed to receiving treats for their good behavior. Just be sure to watch how many dog treats you give to your dog to ensure your dog remains at a healthy weight. For dogs with special needs or dietary requirements, low calorie dog treats, dog treats for older pets and other specialty dog treats are available.

3. Dog Food

Dog Food is probably the most important thing you will need when you pick you new dog up from the pet store or shelter. Most dog shelters and shops will provide you with a sample of food to hold your pet over until you get to the store. Also, the shelter will be able to recommend what type of dog food you should start your dog off with. Most dogs will require a puppy food, then you can switch to other dog food types as your pet grows. When switching types of dog food you should mix the old dog food with the new food for a couple days so your pet's body can adjust to the different food variety. Switching a pet's food on a dime can cause your pet to get ill, or refuse to eat. Luckily, the MEDNET Pet store has all types of brand name dog food for less, so your pet can eat happily.

4. Dog Bed/Dog Crate

Most dog owners use a dog crate to train their pet, and this crate often serves at the dog's bed as well. MEDNET Offers both dog crates and regular dog beds for your pet to have a place of their own to sleep, or stay when they want to be left alone. We also have crate pillows and blankets designed to make dog crates more comfortable. Your dog will love curling up and engaging in puppy dreams with our selection of soft, plush dog beds and crate accessories. As your pet grows, it's important to get them a properly sized bed so they can rest comfortably. You should never re-use a pet bed from another pet, because your new dog can smell your other dog on it. Each pet in your home should have their very own special pet bed!

5. Dog Food Dishes

Every dog will need their own dog food and water dish. Many dogs are possessive of their food and water, especially if you have multiple pets. Some pets eat different types of dog food, so it's important to separate your pet's eating place. MEDNET has many dog food and dog water dishes to choose from. Choose separate food dishes and water dishes, or dog dishes that are combined in one. We also have dog dishes in different shapes and sizes depending on the size of your pet. Make sure your pet eats in style with our dog food dishes and dog water dishes.

6. Puppy Pads

Puppy pads are our number one selling pet product! Our Best Puppy Pads offer pet owners the easiest and most cost-effective way of potty training your pet. Pet owners can choose disposable puppy pads and more eco-conscious pet owners can buy eco-friendly washable puppy pads. Both types of puppy pads will teach your pet to use the outdoors with ease, while protecting your floors and furniture from stains and accidents. We also have puppy training spray and other accessories for puppy pads to help you teach your pet. Potty training your pet is one of the most important things for them to learn, make it easy for you and your pet with our best puppy pads.

7. Dog Collar & ID Tag

Every dog should have their very own collar and ID Tag. These two items are very important for pet safety. If your pet should accidentally escape, others can see that he is someone's pet and not a stray based on a the collar, and promptly return them to you with the help of a pet ID Tag. You will need to purchase several collar lengths for your pet, to ensure a proper fit as your puppy grows into an adult dog. We have pet collars in all sizes and in many colors, designs and patterns to ensure your pet is dressed in style. You'll also need that dog collar to attach your pet's leash, when it's time to go for a walk.

8. Dog Harness Or Leash

A Dog Harness and Dog leash are also essential to caring for your pet. While most dogs can just wear a dog collar when walking on a leash, extra adventurous or dogs that are still learning many need a harness. Some dogs can slip off their collar, but they cannot get out of a harness. Using a dog harness is also great for for dogs who pull on their dog leash because a harness cannot choke a dog like a dog collar or choke chain can. Every pet owner will need a dog leash to attach to their dog's collar or dog's harness when taking them out of the house. MEDNET offers dog collars, dog harnesses, and dog leashes in coordinating colors, designs and patterns to match your pet's style!

9. Dog Grooming Supplies

Dog Grooming is very important especially as your pet grows. It's important to regularly brush and shampoo your pet, and many times you will need to cut their hair and trim their nails. Professional Dog Grooming services can be expensive and many pets do not like to be left alone at the groomer. Learning to groom your pet yourself can become a great experience for both you and your pet. MEDNET has all types of dog grooming tools for all types of dogs. We have dog brushes, dog shampoos, dog conditioners, dog combs, dog nail clippers, dog hair scissors and other dog grooming tools for you to use at home.

10. Dog Flea & Tick Products

As pet owners know, any pet that spends time outside has the potential to acquire a flea or tick. This is not serious, but it does need to be addressed to keep your pet from scratching. Fleas and ticks can be transferred to your other pets, so it's important to treat all pets with flea and tick products when one is present. MEDNET carries all the top brands of flea and tick shampoos, flea and tick powders, flea and tick soap and even preventive flea and tick collars. Protect your pet from fleas and ticks with our dog flea and tick products.

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