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1. Cat Toys

When your cat or kitten arrives in your home for the first time, you better believe he or she will want to scope out the house. Help engage your kitten's abundance of energy with a variety of cat toys from the MEDNET Pet Store. We offer all the toys cats love to play with, such as cat toys with bells, catnip toys and of course cat wand toys. Cat toys will help keep your new kitten from getting into too much trouble, and help build your relationship as you play together with their new cat toys.

2. Cat Treats

Cat treats are the perfect way to welcome a kitten or cat into your home. Your feline friend will immediately feel right at home as you give them a delicious cat treat. We have both soft and crunchy cat treats so get a few of both until you learn which cat treats your cat prefers. Cat treats are also great for rewarding your cat or kitten as he or she learns new tricks and commands.

3. Cat Bed

After all the treats and playtime you have given your new cat or kitten, you can be sure they will be down for a small catnap. Give your cat a comfortable place to sleep undisturbed with a plush cat bed. Our collection of cat beds are available in many sizes and colors to match your home. Your new cat will feel right at home in their very own cozy cat bed. If you have more then one pet, be sure to get each their own bed, so they can rest peacefully.

4. Cat Scratching Post

A cat scratching post is a must for any new cat owner. Cats have very sharp claws, especially as kittens, and those claws can easily ruin curtains, furniture and clothing. Quickly teaching your cat to scratch on the scratching post will be very beneficial to your linens. Scratching posts are also great ways to keep cat's nails trim. Cats hate to get their nails cut, and it can be costly to get this service performed often, so save yourself some time and money by investing in a scratching post.

5. Cat Collar

Every cat needs a cat collar. Cat collars are great for holding Cat ID tags, so your cat can be quickly returned home if he or she ever gets lost. Cats can also be very fidgety, so having a collar to help hold them in place at a vet or while you brush them can be very helpful. Our collection of cat collars include many colored and patterned styles to meet the needs of your cat. Matching leashes and harnesses are also available and are great for travel and outdoor cats.

6. Cat Litter Box

Of course, every cat will need their own litter box. Choosing a litter box can be difficult because you may not know the specific needs of your pet. Litter boxes come in several styles including domed litter boxes, litter boxes with raised rims, traditional pan style boxes and full litter box enclosures. It's best to start out with an inexpensive pan model until you see the needs of your cat. Some cats prefer domed boxes for privacy. These models are also great if there are other pets who may mess with the litter. You should also invest in a litter box scoop and mat for cleaning.

7. Cat Grooming Tools

As your cat or kitten grows, you'll need to brush them often to maintain a healthy, shiny coat. Outdoor cats will also need to get groomed regularly. Cats will also need to be washed with flea and tick shampoo every so often. In order to complete these tasks in your home you will need to purchase cat grooming supplies including brushes, shampoos and conditioners. Regularly grooming your cat will also lead to less cat hair that is shed on your furniture, especially during seasonal weather changes when pets are prone to shedding.

8. Cat Food & Water Dishes

Every cat should have their own food and water dish. This is especially important if you have several pets in your household. Pets are often territorial over their food, and older pets may not be used to the new kitten yet. Each pet should be able to eat in privacy, so be sure to keep food dishes away from other pet dishes. You will find printed, double dishes and other types of cat food and water dishes to feed your cat in style at the MEDNET Pet Store.

9. Cat Carrier

A cat carrier is very important for car care. Cat carriers are perfect ways to transport your pet to and from the vet, to keep them secluded when they are ill, or to let them relax while traveling. Cat carriers can be made more comfortable for cats by adding a carrier pad and even food and water dishes. If you plan to travel with your cat, you will need a carrier for air travel as most airlines require animals to travel in carriers. When traveling by car with your cat, keeping a cat in the carrier will allow you to keep your pet safe, instead of letting it freely move about the car.

10. Catnip Products

Catnip products are great for all breeds of cats. Cats love catnip and are very amusing to watch as they play with catnip toys or eat catnip. Using catnip an easily tire out your cat offering a great way to burn off some extra energy. Cats can also be lured from under beds and small areas with catnip, making it a great tool if you need to quickly get your cat off to the vet or in the car for a road trip. Catnip is available in loose packages to spread on the floor or in food, or in catnip filled and scented toys.

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